A Search for Truth

A Search for Truth



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Homeschooled Robert Thacker is now an Award Winning writer. Partnering with the creators of Jonathan Park at the age of 12, they present A Search for Truth. Favorably compared to Adventures in Odyssey, A Search for Truth is an audio drama which explores God’s creation and his plan for salvation.
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Summary of A Search for Truth

A Search for Truth is an audio drama which has been favorably compared with Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey, and classic radio dramas of yesteryear.

The story starts with Zac being sent off to his uncle’s farm, Zac clashes with his cousin Penelope as they grow a mutual dislike for each other, even while Zac is slowly discovering the truth of creation embedded in nature for himself. But will his dislike for Penelope be enough to drive him away from God completely?

AwardAward Winning Audio Drama

Winner of the Quest for the Golden Script
Twelve year old homeschooler Robert Thacker always enjoyed listening to audio dramas. So it was a dream come true when his script A Search for Truth won The Quest for the Golden Script contest. Pat Roy and his wife Sandy, the creators of the popular Jonathan Park radio dramas, have done an incredible job bringing Robert’s script to life.

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Praise for A Search for Truth

Well written masterpiece!

“…It is very entertaining and witty, the dialogue comes across very natural which is very hard to do. You will enjoy this!…”
– Dwayne F.


“Excellent script, very well written, very interesting. Keeps you entertained. 5/5 Great job!”
– James L.


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  • Length: 26:55
  • Theme: Creation
  • Ages 8+
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PLUS this package deal includes the new One Month of Creation Science 44-page book.  This book provides additional Biblical and Young Earth education for kids in 22 engaging, fast-paced chapters.

Cast and Crew:

Robert Thacker (Writer)

RobertThackerI’m a fourteen year old who loves well-crafted story. I wrote the script for A Search for Truth a few months before I turned thirteen. It has been a real blessing to see my script being produced into a fully-cast, fully dramatized audio story. There is nothing else like hearing a story come to life through the sound of audio drama!

Pat Roy (Pete/Sound Designer)

PatRoyWhen I was a young man, I always dreamed of doing radio drama. That’s why it’s been a complete joy to work with Robert Thacker. He has been such a great partner in this project. For me it’s been a fulfillment of a dream to help another young man to use his talents for the Lord! After 15 years of producing the Jonathan Park audio dramas, this is my first time ever playing a substantial acting role!

Sandy Roy (Director/Jane)

SandyRoyIt’s such a joy to be a part of this well-written radio drama from the winner of the Quest for the Golden Script contest, (then) 12 year old Robert Thacker. I’ve always enjoyed acting and writing and am so fortunate that God has enabled me to use those talents to help create, write and edit first Jonathan Park and now, this new broadcast, A Search for Truth. I was one of the original directors for the first episodes of Jonathan Park before having my daughter, Summer. Previously, I felt the Lord’s pull on my heart to write and direct a kids musical called The Last Bus Stop (in collaboration with a good friend). Our homeschool co-op performed this play at several senior living centers in the area.

Catherine Sweetman (Karen)

CatherineSweetmanI accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at age 11. Attending public school through the 60’s and 70’s I experienced the damaging changes in education which seek to suppress God’s truth yet during that time Christian clubs were still allowed on campus. I graduated from Westmont College with a BA in music in 1975 and have always valued how the Lord can use the arts in spreading His truth. At the age of 41 I was widowed with 3 children. God proved His faithfulness in providing for me and my children as they grew up and continues to this day. Now as a grandmother, and with continued deep appreciation of the many ways God’s truth can be shared to our youth, I enjoy the opportunity to lend my voice to God honoring radio theatre.

Jonathan Roy (Sound Designer)

JonathanRoyI am a California State University, Chico graduate – with two majors in Mathematics and an almost minor in Physics. While making my way through college I helped to produce various Jonathan Park episodes over various albums, and continue to help out with the production where I can!

Additional Credits

Role: Name:
Zac Justin Gregg
Penelope Tiffany Mora
Pastor Wayne Richard Kessner
Ben Luke Tarter
Andrew Brenden Wixom
Announcer David Caulkins
Casting Summer Roy
Recording Engineer Luke Tarter
Dialogue Editing Summer Roy
Dialogue Editing Elisa Lang
Cover Art Duanne Webb
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