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RobertThackerI am very proud of my youngest brother, Robert Thacker. He is only thirteen, but he has already enjoyed far more success in his writing career than I ever would have dreamed of, at his young age. We both enjoy listening to radio dramas, but I can not claim I had written a script which was produced into a high quality audio drama. And that is exactly what he has done. His audio drama A Search for Truth is available for pre-order on my website ThackerPress.com. Below is the story of how the audio drama became a reality.

Audio Theatre Central

I grew up on radio dramas such as Adventures in Odyssey, Down Gilead Lane, The Pond, and Paws & Tales, I own every episode from each series except Odyssey and the only reason I do not own all of those is because there are over 700 episodes and they produce about two dozen new episodes each year.

As you can tell I am a big fan of audio dramas and that is why I enjoy listening to the Audio Theatre Central podcast. On their podcast they have reviews of audio dramas, and interviews with their creators, but my favorite part is when they introduce me to a new audio drama series. The audio drama Pilgrim’s Progress: Similitude Of A Dream by Paeter Frandsen is one of my favorite audio dramas I discovered on their site.

Quest for the Golden Script

One day I was on Audio Theatre Central’s website looking for a new series I could listen to when I saw a link to a radio drama contest. At this point I started to get excited, and I read the contest rules. The contest called Quest for the Golden Script, was held by CreationWorks. Pat Roy, of CreationWorks, by the way is also the co-creator of the interesting radio drama series, Johnathan Park, with which I’ve only recently become familiar.

A Search for Truth

I enjoy writing so I thought I might like to enter the contest, but I was out of high school so I was too old to enter. Besides that I had lots of other responsibilities and probably would not have gotten a script finished. My brother, Robert, on the other hand was young enough to enter and had met all the other requirements as well. I knew he would be interested in the contest because he really likes writing, and had already self-published a book, he was even talking about writing a radio drama as a possibility for his next project. I told him about the contest and he got quite excited.

As the deadline for the audio drama drew near Robert realized he would be away, at our cousin’s wedding, over the final days of the contest so he was in a rush as he finished up the script. Even so he wrote an excellent script. A while after we got back from the wedding Robert excitedly told me he had won the contest and they would produce his audio drama.


AwardI was amazed by how much input they let Robert make along the way. Beginning with allowing him to help choose the actors all the way to allowing him to choose how he wanted to distribute the audio drama. (By the way, if you own a radio station and would like to air the radio drama you can contact us through our contact form here.) If you want more information about what is was like writing the audio drama you would need to talk to Robert.

What I do know about is the creation of ThackerPress.com, since I set this site up myself, with the help of the many people who have put countless hours into developing WordPress and its amazing plugins. I would also like to give a big thank you to Pat Roy, who is a wonderful mentor for my brother, all the actors, our friend Duanne Webb, who created the cover for the CD, and every one who worked on the audio drama.


The audio drama will likely be finished within the next few weeks, and then we just need to get the discs printed, and it will be complete. If you would like to help us out you can pre-order the CD, and if you would rather wait until it is finished you should not have to wait too long. If you do not pre-order the CD or MP3 you can subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when the audio drama is available.

So what is the audio drama about? Well here is the short description, and an audio sample.

Sent off to his uncle’s farm, Zac clashes with his cousin Penelope as they grow a mutual dislike for each other, even while Zac is slowly discovering the truth of creation embedded in nature for himself. But will his dislike for Penelope be enough to drive him away from God completely?

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