Adventures at CHAP Homeschool Convention 2014

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On May 9th and 10th we took part in the annual CHAP homeschool convention. We sold a number of CDs, but best of all we met a lot of great people.

The Young Entrepreneur tables opened at 12 PM, and we went til 5 PM on Friday. Saturday opened at 8 AM and ended at 5 PM. That’s a total of 12 hours standing at the side of the table, handing out flyers, and talking about the same product to different people. Boy did my feet smart by the end of it all! But it was a great experience nonetheless.

What I enjoyed most was interacting with those who had bought A Search for Truth the day before, and had come back on Saturday to say they recommended it to all their friends. We also had to pull out the silver sharpie for CD signing. Many entered the drawing for an Adventures in Odyssey album, too. We plan to have other such contests on this website, and at other conventions in the future with varied prizes. We will let you know when there is another contest if you sign up to our newsletter in the sidebar.

It was also intriguing to talk to the other vendors midst the “low tides” of customers, and during the lunch times. I met authors Susan K. Marlow, and James Burd Brewster. Mr. Brewster was a vendor across the aisle from me, and he gave me some insightful advice. He is the author of a children’s series, “Uncle Rocky,” about a fireman and his two nephew’s adventures. If you have kids in 3rd Grade or below, check out his website at Mr. Brewster is a sociable person, likable, and a marketer to boot.

I also talked to several Christian homeschool stores on the possibilities of carrying A Search for Truth in their store. But for now, we can’t plan anything but that the Lord will continue to surprise us!

by Robert Thacker