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Audio Drama’s Best Friend: The Power of Suggestion

It’s been said that audio enters the brain through the side door. And it’s often true.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful.  In movies, a subtle twist of the enunciation of a single word may change the whole atmosphere of the scene.  The style and tempo of the music will subconsciously shift the audiences’ […]

Audio Drama is Trying to Find its Voice

Every form of storytelling possesses a unique style. Take the same story and make both a movie and a play out of it and the two will have the same elements – characters, plot, theme – but the feel of the story will be entirely different. A poem tells a story in a way in which […]

Six Reasons to Love Audio Drama

We all enjoy a good radio drama. But a few days ago I asked myself the question “why is it that sometimes I would rather listen to an audio drama than read a book or watch a movie?” So I put together a list of the top six reasons why I love great audio dramas. […]

Is it Proper to Compare One Genre to Another?

Last week we discussed why audio drama was not inferior to visual entertainment.  We also found that all mediums that continue to be made and enjoyed throughout the centuries are equally powerful in their own way. Sometimes a story fits better in one particular genre. A good producer exploits this to communicate a poignant message […]

Overcoming the Disadvantages of Audio Drama

I have mentioned in the post “Six Reasons Why Audio Drama is Not Outdated” that audio drama is not inferior to visual entertainment. In detail I said: “The challenge in producing audio drama is the same as producing in any other medium – you must use the advantages and unique aspects of the medium to overcome […]

Six Reasons Why Audio Drama is Not Outdated

Ask just about anyone on the street if they listen to “radio drama” and you will most likely get a quizzical response. Something like, “what’s radio drama?” Outside of the homeschool niche (and, internationally speaking, the BBC radio programs), there are few that listen to audio drama. Indeed, radio drama fell out of popularity in […]