Six Reasons to Love Audio Drama

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We all enjoy a good radio drama. But a few days ago I asked myself the question “why is it that sometimes I would rather listen to an audio drama than read a book or watch a movie?” So I put together a list of the top six reasons why I love great audio dramas.

1.  Healthy, Wholesome Moral Lessons
A large percentage of modern audio dramas are Christian. And of those, many have been blessed with great storytellers. They teach great moral lessons, often taken right from the Bible, without being preachy and explaining the message to the listener.

2.  You are Transported to Another World
Through time or space or both, audio drama can take us to foreign lands in the click of a button. Whether it be a charge of mounted knights, rolling in like thunder, or the laugh of a child as she runs about flying a kite, audio drama has power. Unseen power, naturally.

3.  Audio Drama Captures your Imagination
Not only does it have the power to seemingly put you in another world, it feeds your brain to imagine the surroundings, to see the sunset or the glimmering water, and before you know it, you’ve fully immersed yourself in that world (and you’ve driven fifteen miles too far).

4.  Audio Drama Stimulates your Brain
As mentioned before, it brings to life the creative, imaginative side of your brain. Rather than being fed details, your mind is active, and maybe even learning and growing. Whereas with movies, your brain need not be active. And so you and your kids are actually benefiting from audio drama!

5.  Hands/Eyes Free
Audio drama and audiobooks are the only kind of story content that you can enjoy without using your hands or eyes! You can listen while you drive, workout at the gym, clean the house, cook meals or even when you’re falling asleep.

6.  It’s a Creative, Re-Vitalized Genre
Most storytelling forms have been around for decades at the very least. But audio drama is the oldest form of them all. As we discussed in our last post, it has it’s roots in oral tradition. But lately, audio dramas have experienced tremendous growth (in numbers of both fans and producers), because new technology and tricks allow storytellers to tell even better stories, ones that really mean something to us. And that is the greatest reason why I love audio drama so much.

Do you agree with my list? What are your top reasons why you listening to audio drama? I’d love to hear them! Post a comment or send me an email. And if you haven’t already, subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this – and exciting news updates!

Robert Thacker