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A Search for Truth – Audio Drama

A Search for Truth

About the Writer

Robert ThackerHomeschool student Robert Thacker was only 12 when his script won The Quest for the Golden Script Award. Since then the creators of Johnathan Park produced it into a fully dramatized audio adventure.


A Search for Truth is an audio drama written by Robert Thacker and produced in conjunction with the creators of Jonathan Park. Favorably compared to Adventures in Odyssey, A Search for Truth is a humorous and exciting adventure that will capture the imaginations of your listeners. Young and old alike will be entertained, while also teaching the Genesis account of Creation. Listeners will be encouraged to explore Creation for themselves.

This audio adventure shows a unique spiritual journey as Zac discovers God’s Creation. But will his stubborn heart allow him to accept God’s grace and the truth of His Word?

Additional Information

  • Length: 26:55
  • Theme: Creation
  • Ages: 8+
  • Winner of The Quest for the Golden Script

Praise for A Search for Truth

Well written masterpiece!
…This is a very wonderful audio drama with rich Biblical truth that is very much needed in our increasingly secular culture. It is very entertaining and witty, the dialogue comes across very natural which is very hard to do. You will enjoy this!…
– Dwayne F.

Excellent script, very well written, very interesting. Keeps you entertained. 5/5 Great job!
– James L.

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